Arcs and Glass Ltd was founded in 2019, by Mr. Imran Claud-Ennin and Mrs. Olamide Claud-Ennin. Since the inception, the company has embarked on a mission to redefine the African real estate market through its projects, leveraging on the theme of Simplicity, Functionality and Sophistication.


Olamide is a lawyer by training. In 2018, herself and her partner, Imran Claud-Ennin developed and built their first project, A1/18. The project sold before completion and was one of most expensive properties developed in the estate at the time. 

She knew she had a passion for design and environmental development, so she completed a masters degree in social innovation and entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics.  Since 2019, she has spent her time designing and leading a team of incredibly intelligent people to deliver on impressive projects.


Imran is a creative director and project manager. He is a graduate of business and management from the university of Sussex. He has worked in the Real Estate sector for over 5 years, bringing the teams together and delivering on projects ranging from  construction of  apartment blocks to remodels and renovation.

At Arcs and Glass, we do not just build homes; we craft lifestyle experiences. Our team, a collective of young and intuitive professionals, is driven by a passion to create, design, and execute projects that transcend expectations from conception to completion. We specialize in creating flagship residential buildings that re-defines contemporary living. Transforming existing structures into impeccable masterpieces, we breathe new life into spaces with our redesign and remodeling expertise.

Our commitment to minimalist designs using forward-thinking architecture. Attention to detail, creativity, and simplicity are not just words for us; they are the essence of every project we undertake. We prioritize eco-friendly construction practices, embracing recycling and green building strategies.

We are not just a company; we are a promise of innovation, professionalism, and confidence. You pay us to be innovative, and we deliver by bringing your ideas to life.